DBBC Pickleball is BACK for the WINTER WEATHER!

SPECIAL OFFER – 11/14-11/24 PUNCH CARDS $75 (max. of 5)



All Players “MUST ” reserve your time on the court for ALL PLAY times.

The “All Play” events will be listed on Player Lineup. Please sign up on the event on the day(s) that you are going to attend.

Please tell all players to sign up on Player Lineup.  You can use your punch cards or a $15 Drop in fee.

Any questions, please contact PhillyPhilPickleball@gmail.com.

  • Click DBBCPickleball.playerlineup.com.
  • Join the team to create your account
  • Click the IN button to reserve a spot.  If you cannot attend on that day, please change to OUT and the spot will open for another person.
  • Player MUST punch card at each time. 10 (plus 1 free) for rate of $100.

SHOOTOUTS – Tuesdays and Fridays from 9am-12pm all season. Sign up on Player Lineup. Hope to see you on the court.

Friendly, yet competitive pickleball fun. Tournament like atmosphere, without the anxiety and stress. No need looking for a partner to participate. Each player gets to play with everyone in their group of 4 or group of 5.  All levels are welcome to participate. When the shootouts are finished, we enjoy open rec play till 12pm. Please indicate your level of play so your first experience will allow us to group you with the players closest to your skill level for maximum fun for you and other attendees. After the first week, it’s all math, and you will be grouped based on performance, points, wins, and losses. Cost is $10 drop in fee or 1 punch on your punch card.

Court Rental – $40 per hour contact Stephanie.

Private and Small Group Trainings contact Phil Kelly directly at PhillyPhilPickleball@gmail.com.

Additional Clinic Dates


Week of 1/2 through 2/15

Week of 2/27 through 3/5


Novice – Looking to learn this exciting game and enjoy the exercise that comes with it? Or you have played with friends and know only a little about the strategy, or are lacking in basic fundamentals and the ability to correctly hit the strokes, this one is for you.

Beginner – You have played a racquet sport (tennis, squash, racquetball, badminton, table tennis) prior and/or have played other sports at a competitive level and now want to learn pickleball. Or you have been playing pickleball and want to learn basic fundamentals for all shots as well as the strategies involved to improve your play, this one is for you.

Advanced Beginner/Low Intermediate – You have taken a Beginner Clinic before or have experience playing Recreational Play and want to improve your level of skill with solid fundamentals, court positioning, doubles strategy, higher level drilling, and the very important mental aspects of the game, this one is for you.

Intermediate –  You have taken the Advanced Beginner/Low Intermediate clinic and are looking to become an Advanced Player with consistent shot making, quick decisive decisions, using placement over power, and improvements in all facets of the mental and physical parts of the game, this one is for you.

If you are unsure, email PhillyPhilPickleball@gmail.com.